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"Just a big Thank-you for repairing my piano.  It sounds and looks the best in years!  You did a wonderful job.  Many thanks."

   Blessings, Jan Preis

“My 2 grand pianos have perfect pitch. That’s because Craig Ryder does all the work on it. But his service goes beyond Craig’s phenomenal tuning abilities. He comes right on time, he is very personable, he cleans the hard-to-reach interior of your piano, and he fixes anything that needs fixing in an instrument with over 6000 parts. Incredible! If you have a piano, call Craig Ryder right away. I do.”
    Jeffrey Reid Baker Recording artist, Producer, Arranger, Composer, Teacher

   “As a pianist/teacher who counts himself among the fussiest of musicians, it is with great pleasure that I enthusiastically recommend Craig Ryder. Only in the hands of a great tuner does your piano blossom and show its full potential. Even those who say they "can't hear the difference" will now hear - and be astonished by - the difference. For the discriminating professional, all of one's pianistic intentions project with magnificent clarity; for the student, the instrument itself becomes a joy to hear and a profoundly motivating stimulus! Craig Ryder has the discerning ear to make your piano sound like it never has before, and his comprehensive knowledge of the piano's inner workings guarantees the best possible solution to any mechanical problem. Whether you're a concert artist or someone who plays strictly for your own pleasure, you owe it to yourself to entrust your piano to a master.”
    Lawrence Schubert Concert pianist, Teacher, Author

"Bravo, Craig Ryder! There is no more reliable or responsible man than Craig. He is a consummate craftsman, a talented musician, and an honorable gentleman. My Husband and I are priviledged to call him our friend.
    Bunny Hoest Internationally Renown Cartoonist ("The Lockhorns")

   "Hi Craig - Just wanted you to know that I'm ecstatic about the piano. I couldn't wait to play for hours yesterday. It has such a rich and huge sound. You did a wonderful job. Thank you.
    Lynn R. – Lloyd Neck, NY

   "I have been a piano teacher for many years, and when I became dissatisfied with my previous tuner, I tried Craig Ryder because he was the tuner for more than half of my students at the time, and my students' pianos were sounding better than mine! Not only is Craig an excellent tuner and technician, but he is always prompt, courteous and professional. He has rebuilt and/or repaired some of my student's pianos and turned an awful sounding instrument into one with perfect tone and touch. Craig not only tunes my piano, but most of my piano student's as well. Above all, Craig is fair. There are cooks and gourmet chefs, and Craig is a gourmet chef. If you need your piano tuned, you can rely on Craig Ryder to do it right."
    Lynn Grey – Professional piano teacher & music educator

   "When it comes to piano tuning, Craig has provided a truly expert service for over thirty five years. Craig tunes for major concert halls, recording studios, homeowners and world famous artists. If you want your piano to sound like it is brand new - in fact even better - Craig's skills are one in a million. Run - don't walk - to Craig."
    Frank Girard - Marketing Consultant, Author, Copywriter

   "We have owned our 1918 Model M Steinway for 45 years; the piano received plenty of use but it was given very little care. Several months ago we approached Craig Ryder, RPT, and we asked him what it would take to return this instrument back to what it was almost a century ago - a fine instrument. He explained clearly what would be done internally and externally; we gave him the go-ahead and, after about 2 months, he returned the piano to us. We can only say that Craig and his staff did indeed present us with a fine instrument that looks and sounds beautiful. It has been a pleasure to work with this gifted craftsman and artist."
    Geoff & Peggy Weston - Long time customer

   “Craig Ryder has been my piano tuner since 1985. I first encountered him when I used him to move my piano from it's previous location into my house, which he did with great care. A few years later, being dissatisfied with my tuner of the time, I tried Craig, and have never looked back. He has a very sensitive ear and has always made my piano sound wonderful. At one point he did some repair work for me which resulted from time and use, and my piano has performed perfectly ever since. I would simply never consider using anyone else. I highly recommend him.”
    E.L. Fort Salonga - long time customer

   “I have been using Craig Ryder to tune and care for my piano for over twenty five years.  He actually SAVED my Knabe twenty years ago when, after water leaked into the piano, he overhauled the action completely.  Then, when the piano needed refinishing, he took care to get the right people to do the job.  It is beautiful still.  “I couldn't recommend him more highly. His service is excellent.“
    Barbara long time customer

   “Ridotto’s concerts with a touch of theater come with an extraordinary complexity – tech rehearsals, hanging drapes, slide projection, a singer’s allergy to (silk!) flowers, “are there enough music stands?”, no heat in the dressing rooms, “who picks up the conductor”, “where is the violist”, a noise in the piano bench, the f# key isn’t  working, “Really, water in the piano?”, and more, and more. Few things are certain until ‘curtain time’, but when Craig Ryder tunes our Yamaha grand, all is going to be fine. Pianists and instrumentalists have come to depend on his wonderful skills as a technician and tuner.”
    Margaretha Maimone director & founder of Ridotto Chamber Group & Professional Violinist & Violin Instructor

   “I moved from NYC to Long Island in 1988 with my growing family and a trusty Steinway studio upright. Having used only certified Steinway tuners since buying the piano in 1978, I never knew how much I loved it until Craig Ryder tuned it for the first time. Craig is, quite simply, an astonishment. Like a brilliant musician, he opens the ears and heart to new possibilities. I can't recommend him more highly as tuner, technician, human being. I never use anyone else."
    Kim Oler, two-time Emmy Award-winning composer for TV, Richard Rodgers and Jerry Bock Award-winning composer for the Musical Theater, Music Director/pianist, Choral conductor, composer and arranger, Huntington.

   "There is no place where the tuning of a piano is more critical than in a recording studio. For more than fifteen years, we have relied on Craig Ryder for skilled technical care and tuning of our beautiful Yamaha C7 which has been heard on many film and television soundtracks as well as commercial recordings. We are happy to recommend Craig to anyone who cares seriously about their piano!"
    Doug Wood President of Omni-Music Recording Studio, Composer, Pianist

   "Because life is so hectic, I fully appreciate the fact that Craig Ryder, our piano tuner, takes charge of our piano tuning schedule so that I don't have to spend time making phone calls and appointments. We have used Craig's services for the past 4 years and I marvel at how efficient he is. He keeps a record of when the piano needs tuning, sends a postcard with the date of his service, and then calls to confirm a week before as well as the day of service. This leaves me free to manage the rest of my life. All this, and the piano always sounds the way it should...spectacular! I trust Craig Ryder to handle our piano tuning needs and highly recommend his work."
    Jane M. long time customer

   "Since 1998, Mr. Ryder has been my Piano Technician ... from the simplest of tunings to extensive piano repair - Mr. Ryder is the man for the job."
    Wanda Lee Wade, Piano Instructor

   "Craig Ryder has been taking care of my piano for twenty years. He schedules an early appointment and arrives on time. We have a pleasant and good-humored conversation while he unpacks his tools, and then he gets to work. My piano has never sounded better!"
    William Carmel